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This is our very first blog post, we are just over the first couple of months of operation and business foundation. We are a Software Developer company located in Budapest, Hungary. Our main area of expertise is cloud computing and embedded software development. We are working on products that connect cloud based backend services to custom hardware components. We also develop new ECUs for production and test usage. We have experience with Big Data software components, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and we have a skillset covering a large scale of software development techniques, and languages ranging from Javascript, Java to embedded C, C++.

Plans for the Blog

Every now and then we are planning to write technical articles about our work, real life experiences, and ideas for the future. Our current topics are Battery Management, Bluetooth 2 Car communication, Data Collection for autonomous driving and IoT devices, Bus Signal and Diagnostic Signal collection and Metadata Store. We work with AUTOSAR and ODX/UDS standards. On of our main goals is to simplify handling these formats, assist and automate workflows needed for evaluation, tests, and analysis of automotive equipments, IoT devices, and intelligent actors in general.


Our team consist of highly skilled developers, young and agile people with many years of industrial experience at top IT companies. Our hierarchy is flat, our leaders are are also coming from the technology field with more than 15 years of experience in development, team lead, architecture, and general interest in information technology.


Our audience is mainly tech people, and tech companies in the Automotive, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data field. If you are a Developer, and you are interested working for a startup company in Budapest, if you are eager to learn new things, you have ideas that might change the near or longer future of the automotive industry, feel free to contact us here, or on our facebook page, we are always open for a talk. If you are a Product Owner, Manager, or Company Owner who needs help and support within this area, feel free to contact us as well.


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