Our Background

Our team is a combination of embedded, C/C++ developers with huge amount of experience in the automotive industry, and a bunch of hardcore java developers coming from the enterprise world, where completely different solutions are needed. We build products that need extensive knowledge in both areas.

The Standard for Automotive


We are an AUTOSAR Development Partner in the communication field. We focus on Vehicle to Vehicle, or Vehicle to X communication, as it will be an important field in the near future.

Speak the language of a car


We have tools, and services that provide easy access to car (IoT) metadata. We support the AUTOSAR, ODX, XCP, and some more standards and formats.

Extract, transform, analyse

Data Collection

Our Data Collection engine can automatically extract signal data from devices speaking one of the standards we support. We can configure our data collector to store the data in the cloud, or on premises hardware.


Java based Autosar Parser library that can be used as a standalone application or bundled with other applications to parse, and query an ARXML file.

ODX Parser

Java based ODX/PDX Parser library, that can be used as a standalone application, or bundled with other applications to parse, and query a PDX Project.

Intelligible Options

Our products simply provide the quality of being clear and easy to understand.

Present-day Designs

Finely crafted materials that combine classic themes with modern day designs.

High Perfomance

We are highly focused on your goals and that achieve superior business results.

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